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The Bankruptcy Group Leads The Way With Clear Communication

At The Bankruptcy Group, our services cover debt relief and related issues for clients ranging from private individuals to businesses of all sizes. Private consumers and small to medium-sized business owners seek our guidance and help as they grapple with out-of-control debt. Many people ask for information about asset protection when filing Chapter 7, Chapter 11, Chapter 12 and Chapter 13 bankruptcies.

Unlike what you may find at many other law firms, our lead attorney makes no attempt to be a “Jack of all trades.” Rather, he focuses solely on bankruptcy, including complex bankruptcy litigation. To learn more about him and our legal administrator, follow these links:

Our team also includes other highly qualified legal professionals whom you will get to know when you meet with us.

Our Mission: Personalized, Customized Service And Favorable Results

Many people who go through bankruptcy are surprised to discover the newfound freedoms and choices available to them afterward. Bankruptcy is not the end of the line, they find, but rather, debt discharges through bankruptcy become jumping-off points with:

  • No more harassment or pressure from creditors
  • No more holding back in life because of heavy debt loads

For the first time in a long time, they experience what it is to be debt-free, stress-free and able to focus on the really important things in life: earning a living; starting new business ventures or other projects in life; and spending quality time with family and friends.

We Take On Complex Cases With Confidence

We are pleased to guide clients smoothly and fearlessly through the bankruptcy process, explaining the potential benefits of bankruptcy at every stage in the process. Bankruptcy is straightforward for many debtors, but when problems arise, we are ready to pivot into litigation mode. Creditors may challenge the dischargeability of certain debts. They may also challenge their priority position among a list of a debtor’s creditors. Learn more about our bankruptcy litigation practice, including litigation involving taxes in bankruptcy court.

Please note that we also represent creditors in priority claims and other disputes. We strictly avoid conflicts of interest. For both creditors and debtors who are our clients, our in-depth knowledge of both sides of bankruptcy litigation is beneficial.

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