Compassionate Bankruptcy Lawyers To Guide You To A Fresh Financial Start

When Bankruptcy Is Derailed Or Complicated By Litigation

The potential benefits of bankruptcy are widely known. When it works as it should, it can provide unparalleled debt relief for individuals and businesses. However, the path to a bankruptcy discharge and fresh start is not always trouble-free. Even carefully devised strategies can have wrenches thrown at them when any interested party — a creditor, trustee or investor, for example — raises serious objections.

At The Bankruptcy Group, our sole focus is bankruptcy law and related matters, including the resolution of disputes through litigation and other methods. Our clients can count on us to advocate consistently and assertively on their behalf.

Examples Of Bankruptcy Litigation

Our attorneys guide clients with reassurance and precision while addressing conflicts that arise as part of, or in connection with, their bankruptcies, including:

  • Challenges to, and defenses of, the eligibility of certain debts for discharge or even inclusion in bankruptcy
  • Objections to the preferential order of creditors to be repaid in a Chapter 11 or Chapter 13 repayment plan
  • Petitions for relief from the automatic stay
  • Disputes over the dischargeability of debts in full or in part
  • Allegations of bankruptcy fraud
  • Lawsuits seeking to reclaim assets that were liquidated through bankruptcy
  • Resolving tax debt in bankruptcy court

Your legal troubles may be part of your bankruptcy case or they may be separate adversary proceedings in the bankruptcy court or another court. They may stem from tax liability or breach of contract claims that came to light because of your bankruptcy filing. Regardless of what court is involved or who the interested party is, we are well-equipped to protect your interests.

Put An Experienced Bankruptcy Attorney And Litigator On Your Side

The Bankruptcy Group is known for its readiness to take on complex bankruptcy cases. including litigation over all aspects of bankruptcy. Our team in Placer County is ready to work with you to devise a plan to prevail as a plaintiff or defendant in bankruptcy litigation. To schedule a free initial exploratory consultation, call us at 888-710-4334 or send an inquiry online. Our offices are conveniently located in Roseville, Folsom and Huntington Beach, California. We also meet with clients and potential clients via video conferences by request.