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When Tax Debts Are At Issue In Bankruptcy Court

General debt problems often coincide with legal challenges from Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and/or the United States Tax Court (U.S. Tax Court) over back taxes. Filing bankruptcy and resolving tax disputes can be complicated. The concept of bankruptcy is to give debtors a chance at a fresh start. The IRS, on the other hand, exists to hold taxpayers accountable even long after any tax years in question have gone by. For these reasons, tax debt issues in bankruptcy are often complex. The team at The Bankruptcy Group has the experience and knowledge in both tax law and bankruptcy law that clients need to address tax debt and bankruptcy simultaneously.

Attorney Stephan Brown is a tax lawyer with a strong command of the tax code and ample litigation experience in IRS hearings, the United States Tax Court and bankruptcy courts. Many other bankruptcy lawyers do not have a tax law background. The trial skills of this firm stand out along with attorney Brown’s knowledge of both tax law and bankruptcy law.

How Working With The Bankruptcy Group Can Be Advantageous For Addressing Tax Burdens

Attorney Brown understands how to time petitions and other legal maneuvers to maximize a client’s chances at a favorable outcome in all aspects of their bankruptcy journey.

The Bankruptcy Group offers reassurance, answers and customized strategies for clients facing tax litigation in bankruptcy court. Our experience and skills influence our effectiveness in:

  • Education of our clients
  • Research of tax records
  • Timing of legal maneuvers concerning taxes and bankruptcy filing

When working with an individual or business with tax liability problems, the team at the firm fully reviews the client’s financial history, tax records and other details from both the tax law and bankruptcy law perspectives. This firm stands apart because of our extensive experience researching and verifying tax filings and liabilities, In particular, our team knows what is needed in bankruptcy court from the tax side of things. We keep clients fully informed about how to apply both bankruptcy and tax laws regarding the timing of events in both arenas.

Move Toward A Resolution Of Both Tax Debts And Other Types Of Debt

Some tax debt issues may be litigated in bankruptcy court, rather than through the available IRS dispute resolution options and forums, including in IRS hearings and/or U.S. Tax Court. For instance, if a taxpayer has disputed tax due in an audit and that dispute was never resolved, the amount of tax debt may be litigated in bankruptcy court. With our team’s complete understanding of both processes, The Bankruptcy Group is the firm to choose for any variety of bankruptcy when the IRS, the state of California or a local taxation authority is one of the creditors influencing the bankruptcy.

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