Compassionate Bankruptcy Lawyers To Guide You To A Fresh Financial Start

Compassionate Step-By-Step Bankruptcy Legal Guidance By Experienced Attorneys

Deciding to file bankruptcy is often a difficult and stress-inducing decision, but it is often a choice that, in hindsight, the individual will look back on and see as a turning point in their financial life. The lawyers of The Bankruptcy Group are committed to providing on-point, clear and compassionate legal advice for all individuals who are considering a bankruptcy filing. But legal advice and solutions to serious debt problems isn’t all we offer.

We understand that many people have unfortunate preconceived notions regarding bankruptcy and who files for it. However, these ideas about people who take advantage of the bankruptcy code to live lavish lifestyles are largely unfounded. Most people who declare bankruptcy do so because of an unforeseen, difficult event that occurred in their lives. Perhaps the individual suffered a serious injury, developed a condition, or acquired a disease that resulted in a job loss or significant reduction in hours worked. In other circumstances, a divorce and the subsequent attempt to stretch income from a single household to two caused the bankruptcy.

Regardless of the reasons for your debt, we understand that you are doing your best to satisfy creditors while still providing for yourself and your family. If you would like to schedule an appointment to meet with one of our experienced lawyers, call the firm at 888-710-4334.

A Client-Centered Approach To Bankruptcy Law

At The Bankruptcy Group, we believe that success is built on relationships. Therefore, we are always happy to get to know our clients, understand their likes and dislikes, and discover their goals and bankruptcy fears before we get started on legal matters. We find that establishing personal relationships with our clients allow them to relax and speak their mind freely regarding difficult situations. Consider it like this: would you tell a total stranger about your financial affairs and fears? For most people, the answer would probably be no.

Unfortunately, fear over disclosing a debt or action to an attorney and withholding information during bankruptcy proceedings can have negative consequences. One of the more serious consequences that can occur is if a debt or obligation is never discovered. Debts that are not included in a bankruptcy petition are not discharged. This can be especially troublesome under a Chapter 7 petition because of the long duration of time that must elapse (8 years) before a second discharge under the chapter can be granted. While we always perform our own thorough checks and searches, records can be imperfect and cause even a diligent search to miss certain undisclosed items. Therefore, we always attempt to establish a strong attorney-client relationship to cut through anxieties and fears related to a potential bankruptcy filing.

The Bankruptcy Group’s Diligent, Methodical Approach To Debt Reduction

Another reason we strive to establish a strong attorney-client relationship and practice in a client-focused manner is because we are not in the business of rushing people into difficult decisions regarding bankruptcy. We ask our clients to speak openly with us because we pursue additional nonbankruptcy solutions prior to recommending Chapter 7, Chapter 13 or other solutions.

Oftentimes, it may be possible for us to negotiate with creditors to reduce your payments, amounts owed or to provide more time to pay. By understanding your situation and story, we can present these facts to creditors. Creditors are human too, and many may realize that a modification to a loan is the right thing to do. By appealing to their sense of compassion, we can remind creditors that our client is considering bankruptcy. For unsecured creditors, this could mean that they will receive nothing on the debt owed if the individual selects Chapter 7. Even under Chapter 13 they may receive a significant reduction in value that is stretched out over a potentially longer repayment period of three to five years.

Our approach synthesizes our legal knowledge and experience with our attorney’s interpersonal and negotiating abilities. By approaching debt in this fashion we can often provide options before the bankruptcy process begins. If negotiation and other debt reduction strategies are unsuccessful, we are already fully informed of the facts and circumstances necessary to make a legal recommendation regarding a potential Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

Sacramento Bankruptcy Attorneys Provide Solutions To Debt For Hardworking Californians

At The Bankruptcy Group, our experienced attorneys pride themselves on providing personable and responsive client service. We always work to answer your questions, telephone calls, and e-mails promptly and clearly. To discuss how we can assist you in escaping debt and getting a fresh start on your finances, call 888-710-4334 today or feel free to contact us online.