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Tax Debt

Settling tax debt in California

The California Franchise Tax Board has an Offer in Compromise program available for residents who want to settle tax debt. The program allows residents to offer a lower amount to pay the undisputed final tax liability. The Internal Revenue Service also has an OIC...

Making an offer in compromise with the IRS

Self-employed persons, investors receiving interest payments and individuals who did not make sufficient estimated tax payments are among those who may face a heavy tax bill come filing season. However, California taxpayers overwhelmed with multiple debts and other...

How Bankruptcy Affects Your Tax Return in California

For many people filing their federal income tax return is followed by the anticipation of receiving a refund check from the government. This annual refund becomes part of an individual’s yearly budget. When filing a bankruptcy the question arises of what becomes of that expected yearly bonus. The first thing to understand is, when you file a bankruptcy, your federal…