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Our Bankruptcy Law Firm Is A Helpful Resource For Creditors

The Bankruptcy Group offers a wide array of services to creditors such as the following in bankruptcy cases: banks, credit card companies, credit unions and businesses that have extended credit to individuals now seeking debt relief through bankruptcy. The loans in question are not typically for secured debts such as mortgages and auto loans. Rather, our clients ask for help protecting their rights regarding unsecured debts.

Our legal team is experienced, efficient and respected both in the legal community and in the world of business.

How We Protect Creditors’ Rights

Our creditor clients aim to secure repayment, fully or partially, of debts that might be subject to discharge in Chapter 7 bankruptcies or to reduction through Chapter 13 and Chapter 11 reorganization plans. There may be justification for:

  • Filing an adversary proceeding in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy.
  • Petitioning to ask the bankruptcy trustee to disallow the inclusion of unsecured debts that should be considered nondischargeable because of bankruptcy fraud or evidence of fraudulent transfers by debtors.

A review of the evidence may show that a debtor:

  • Took on debts with the intention of filing bankruptcy soon afterward
  • Transferred significant nonexempt assets such as classic cars with high resale value to family members shortly before filing bankruptcy

In some cases, creditors ask for our help to pursue an involuntary bankruptcy against a debtor (often a business) that is not repaying on debts over time. A Chapter 11 bankruptcy can force the debtor to address that debt.

Our legal team helps to protect creditor clients’ interests through legal actions such as the following:

  • Filing a proof of claim
  • Filing motions for relief from the automatic stay
  • Seeking adequate creditor protection for debtors seeking the use of cash collateral
  • Initiating adversary proceedings to protect creditors’ rights
  • Ensuring the creditor receives maximum recovery in a Chapter 11 or Chapter 13 plan
  • Defending against a trustee’s “claw-back” or preference claim
  • Representing creditors in Subchapter V cases, including seeking appointment of a committee for cause

Learn More About Our Services For Creditors

Our firm’s strong reputation in bankruptcy law and diverse experience, as well as our openness to advising creditors, are points of attraction for our clients who stand to lose out through fraudulent and otherwise inappropriate bankruptcy filings.

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