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How Much Does it Cost to File Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 Bankruptcy in California?

What Are the Bankruptcy Filing Fees in Sacramento and Roseville, CA? Regardless of which county you live in or what type of bankruptcy you are declaring, you will be required to pay several court fees for filing and processing your bankruptcy paperwork.  These fees must be paid to the court which has jurisdiction (legal authority) over your case. The United States Bankruptcy Court for the Eastern District of California has jurisdiction over Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy cases arising in counties throughout the eastern portion of the state.  More specifically, the Sacramento Division has jurisdiction over bankruptcy cases in Sacramento County and Placer County, among other counties in the area.  The following bankruptcy court fees are current as of December 1, 2016, though debtors are advised to obtain confirmation as figures are subject to change.

  1. Chapter 7 Filing Fee in California

  2. Filing Fee – $245

  3. Administrative Fee – $75

  4. Trustee Fee – $15

  5. Total Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Fee – $335

  6. Chapter 13 Filing Fee in California

  7. Filing Fee – $235

  8. Administrative Fee – $75

  9. Trustee Fee – None

  10. Total Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Fee – $310 In addition to the basic filing fees described above, which apply to all debtors, some filers may have additional costs depending on their unique circumstances.  For example, some filers may eventually need to convert their bankruptcy to a different chapter, in which case additional bankruptcy conversion fees will arise.  For instance, it costs $25 to convert a Chapter 13 to a Chapter 7 bankruptcy ($10 conversion fee, $15 trustee fee). For additional information about bankruptcy filing fees, you may contact the Robert T. Matsui United States Courthouse, which is located in Sacramento, by calling (209) 521-5160.  However, you should not file for bankruptcy, which is a major legal decision with long-term financial impacts, until you have discussed your situation in detail with an experienced Sacramento Chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyer, like an attorney from the skilled legal team at The Bankruptcy Group.

How Much Do Debtor Education and Credit Counseling Courses Cost? Before you can file for bankruptcy in California, you are required to undergo a credit counseling course.  The course must be administered by an agency which has been approved by the Department of Justice (DOJ), which supplies a full list of DOJ-approved credit counseling agencies in California on its website.  Most of these courses cost somewhere between $10 and $40, though exact pricing varies depending on which service you select. After you have filed for bankruptcy, meaning you have filed your voluntary petition and other documents with help from your attorney, your next goal is to eventually obtain a discharge, which means that you will no longer be financially liable for your dischargeable debts (debts which can be eliminated in bankruptcy), such as credit card debt and medical debt.  However, before your case can be discharged, you must take another DOJ-approved course known as debtor education, sometimes referred to as the pre-discharge debtor education requirement.  Like credit counseling courses, debtor education courses are listed online through the DOJ, and typically cost anywhere between $10 and $40.

California Credit Counseling and Debtor Education Fees To provide you with some real-world examples of debtor education and credit counseling costs in California, we’ve listed at random just a few of the actual options currently listed on the DOJ’s website.  Please keep in mind that the list below is not exhaustive, and the examples supplied here represent only a small handful of the options available to debtors in California.

  1. 101 Credit Counseling

  2. Credit Counseling – $14.95

  3. Debtor Education – $6.95

  4. 1st Choice Counseling and Education

  5. Credit Counseling – $32

  6. Debtor Education – $25

  7. Debtor CC

  8. Credit Counseling – $14.95

  9. Debtor Education – $9.95

  10. Online Bankruptcy Class

  11. Credit Counseling – $24 to $25

  12. Debtor Education – $23 to $24

  13. Simple Class

  14. Credit Counseling – $23.95

  15. Debtor Education – $23.95

Roseville Bankruptcy Lawyers Handling Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 Bankruptcy can be a powerful financial tool for Californians who are struggling with overwhelming business debt and/or personal debt, including debt from credit cards and medical bills.  In some cases, bankruptcy can even help you save your home from foreclosure.  However, the California bankruptcy process can be very complicated, and even a minor error could cost you money, cause delays in your case, or even deprive you of important rights.  Therefore, it is vital that you are guided by an experienced Roseville Chapter 13 attorney or Chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyer. To talk about your bankruptcy case in a free and confidential legal consultation, contact The Bankruptcy Group right away at .  In addition to representing individuals and married couples who are filing jointly, our Chapter 11 bankruptcy attorneys also assist companies with business bankruptcy in California.

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