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Facts you need to know about Chapter 7 Section 341 meetings

What happens during a Section 341 meeting? The creditors you listed when filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy will be invited to the Section 341 meeting. They will be allowed to ask you questions, but they cannot try to embarrass you in any way. You must bring identification to the meeting and truthfully answer questions from the people you owe money to. Expect to answer a series of questions about the information you provided when filing for bankruptcy.

Who attends a Section 341 meeting? Generally, creditors do not attend Section 341 meetings, despite being invited. Therefore, the only people at the meeting are you and the trustee. There are often numerous Section 341 meetings scheduled simultaneously, so others may be in the room. Often, the session lasts only about five minutes.

Events after a Section 341 meeting Your mandatory Section 341 meeting will occur about 60 days before your bankruptcy case is closed. During that 60 days, your creditors can tell your trustee why their claims should not be dismissed. You must complete a debt education course if you still need to. Finally, a judge will decide the validity of your bankruptcy, and your case will be over. Section 341 meetings are a mandatory requirement overseen by your bankruptcy trustee. At the end of the meeting, most people feel relieved that they are one step closer to closing this chapter in their lives and getting out from underneath their debts.

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